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  • 2020-03-21 7:13 PM
    Message # 8847417
    Dave Crawford (Administrator)

    Easily the hardest week in company history. To better protect the health and safety of our community and give Night Shift the best shot at coming out of this intact, we made some incredibly tough decisions yesterday. We are sharing those decisions here to increase transparency, and in the hopes that other small businesses might benefit from hearing our approach. Effective immediately:

    - Founders will be forfeiting 100% of our salaries.
    - Zero layoffs, every staff stays on company benefits, but we did enact a furlough program that touches every department. This reduces workload/pay for many, but enables our staff to file for unemployment. We hope every employee is back at full capacity once this is over.
    - We are working with our bank, landlords, and business partners to better navigate this pandemic.
    - We are continuing to evolve and update our health and safety protocols.

    This decision to impact staff livelihood is the hardest we’ve ever had to make and one that comes as a last resort. We are making these calls now in the hopes that the company can better withstand the impact of this global pandemic. As a unified team, we will bear hardship together and hopefully ensure a stronger future for the entire Night Shift family.

    Please support us, other local breweries, and other small businesses so we can preserve the amazing community we’ve built together. When this finally passes (and it will), we will raise a glass in celebration with all of you.

    Ways to help:

    - Gift cards (
    - Coffee (
    - Merch (
    - Delivery via Drizly / Insta-cart
    - Liquor/grocery stores
    - Taproom retail pick-up

    Thanks for your continued support, and we truly hope to see you soon.

    -Rob, Mike, and Michael

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