2015 NERHBC Winners

10th Annual New England Regional Homebrew Competition Results    
Total Entries - 443  
Best of Show  
1st - Tim Thomssen - Lincoln, NE  11A Mild  
2nd - Jason Chang - Avon, CT   20A Fruit Beer  
3rd - Nicholas Griner - Ayer, MA   17B Flanders Red Ale  
Brewer of the Year  
Steve Schember - Arlington, MA  
Mead Maker of the Year  
John Golden - Bedford, NH  
Cider Maker of the Year  
Stephen Mayo - Derry, NH  
Category 1 - Light Lager (13 entries)  
Jonathan Kissinger Montara, CA 1st 1C Premium American Lager Three frogs rest in peace Worts Of Wisdom (WoW!!)
Michael  Switzer Newburyport , MA 2nd 1D Munich Helles Switzerbrau Helles Merrimack Valley Homebrew Club
Jonathan Kissinger Montara, CA 3rd 1B Standard American Lager Three frogs rest in peace Worts Of Wisdom (WoW!!)
Category 2 - Pilsner (10 entries)  
Michael Marino Burlington, MA 1st 2B Bohemian Pilsener Czech Please! The Brewing Network
Jonathan Kissinger Montara, CA 2nd 2C Classic American Pilsner Three frogs rest in peace Worts Of Wisdom (WoW!!)
Paul Nanian Rumney, NH 3rd 2B Bohemian Pilsener Drzet Palce Baker River Brew Club
Category 3 - European Amber Lager (21 entries)  
Matt Howard Amherst, NH 1st 3B Oktoberfest/Märzen   Brew Free or Die
Jeff Muse St. Louis, MO 2nd 3B Oktoberfest/Märzen STL Festbier St. Louis Brews
John Krochune N. Chelmsford, MA 3rd 3A Vienna Lager Anton Dreher Vienna Lager  
Category 4 - Dark Lager (6 entries)  
Steve Medd Danbury, CT 1st 4C Schwarzbier   Underground Brewers of Connecticut
Jeremy Adams Jefferson, MA 2nd 4B Munich Dunkel Munich Dunkel M4: Mid-Mass Malt Masters
Paul Zocco Andover, CT 3rd 4B Munich Dunkel   Hop River Brewers
Category 5 - Bock (9 entries)  
Doug Schmidt Swampscott, MA 1st 5C Doppelbock DB D/E Boston Wort processors
Lance Reed Lexington, MA 2nd 5C Doppelbock Bavarian Heller Doppelbock Boston Wort Processors
Lance Reed Lexington, MA 3rd 5C Doppelbock Oh Mai Munich Heller Doppelbock Boston Wort Processors
Category 6 - Light Hybrid Beer (28 entries)  
Robert Burger Branford, CT 1st 6C Kölsch   Underground Brewers of Connecticut
Mike Rego with Mike Rego, Jr. Amherst, NH 2nd 6C Kölsch Mike XXI Kolsch Brew Free or Die
Brian Hill Woodbridge, VA 3rd 6B Blonde Ale Galaxy S.U.D.Z.
Category 7 - Amber Hybrid Beer (7 entries)  
Andrew Starsiak Weymouth, MA 1st 7C Düsseldorf Altbier Dussel Dussel Alt MASH HOLES
Tim Thomssen Lincoln, NE 2nd 7A Northern German Altbier Parallel Universe Lincoln Lagers!
Paul Nanian Rumney, NH 3rd 7C Düsseldorf Altbier Sundenesser Baker River Brew Club
Lawrence Nowak Southwick, MA HM 7B California Common Beer Rail Trail Steam  
Category 8 - English Pale Ale (14 entries)  
Brian Hill Woodbridge, VA 1st 8A Standard/Ordinary Bitter Dean's Boddie S.U.D.Z.
Eric Adriaansen Amherst, NH 2nd 8C Extra Special/Strong Bitter ESB Brew Free or Die
Mike Harper Glencliff, NH 3rd 8A Standard/Ordinary Bitter Ordinary Bitter Baker River Brew Club
Jeremy Adams Jefferson, MA HM 8C Extra Special/Strong Bitter Buttah Bitter M4: Mid-Mass Malt Masters
Category 9 - Scottish and Irish Ales (15 entries)  
Nathan Bourgoine Bow, NH 1st 9A Scottish Light 60/- 60 Bob  
Ross Harper Indianapolis, IN 2nd 9E Strong Scotch Ale   Red Earth Brewers
Joel  Gill Center Ossipee, NH 3rd 9B Scottish Heavy 70/- Bobby Scottish Heavy Ale  
Michael Marino Burlington, MA HM 9D Irish Red Ale F Street Irish Red The Brewing Network
Category 10 - American Ale (47 entries)  
Joshua Veronee Blythewood, SC 1st 10A American Pale Ale 30Mins and Less V2.0 Palmetto State Brewers
Brian Hill Woodbridge, VA 2nd 10B American Amber Ale DNA S.U.D.Z.
Joe Dauria Braintree, MA 3rd 10A American Pale Ale Azacca Pale Ale MASH HOLES
Robert Gillis Madison, NH HM 10A American Pale Ale Citra Pepper Pale Ale Interstate Brewers Unlimited
Category 11 - English Brown Ale (8 entries)  
Tim Thomssen Lincoln, NE 1st 11A Mild Mild Obsession Lincoln Lagers!
Steve Medd Danbury, CT 2nd 11C Northern English Brown Ale Brown Ale Underground Brewers of Connecticut
Nathan Bourgoine Bow, NH 3rd 11A Mild Midnight Mild  
Category 12 - Porter (14 entries)  
Joe Conti Newton, MA 1st 12A Brown Porter Joe Conti's Brown Porter  
Paul Zocco Andover, CT 2nd 12C Baltic Porter   Hop River Brewers
Robert Gillis Madison, NH 3rd 12C Baltic Porter Brown Sugar Baltic Porter Interstate Brewers Unlimited
Michael Marino Burlington, MA HM 12C Baltic Porter Dr. Bopso's Mystery Oil The Brewing Network
Category 13 - Stout (21 entries)  
Thomas Lukasik South Hadley, MA 1st 13B Sweet Stout   Sparge
Brady Smith Indianapolis, IN 2nd 13F Russian Imperial Stout Steelcut RIS  
Steve Medd Danbury, CT 3rd 13D Foreign Extra Stout SnoMo Stout Underground Brewers of Connecticut
Category 14 - India Pale Ale (43 entries)  
Steve Schember Arlington, MA 1st 14B American IPA   Boston Wort Processors
Dan Preston Medford, MA 2nd 14B American IPA Cimo Boston Wort Processors
Adam McNulty West Roxbury, MA 3rd 14B American IPA Bangin' Focal Boston Wort Processors
Category 15 - German Wheat and Rye Beer (10 entries)  
Steve Schember Arlington, MA 1st 15C Weizenbock   Boston Wort Processors
Mark Baesl with Robert Gurney Fayetteville, NY 2nd 15C Weizenbock Wise In Bach Salt City Brew Club
Jeff Muse St. Louis, MO 3rd 15A Weizen/Weissbier Got to Cover Just a Little More Ground St. Louis Brews
Category 16 - Belgian and French Ale (32 entries)  
Michael Marino Burlington, MA 1st 16C Saison Saison d'Ete The Brewing Network
Matt Border Boston, MA 2nd 16E Belgian Specialty Ale Rye So Dark? Boston Wort Processors
Garrett Dickerson Wakefield, MA 3rd 16E Belgian Specialty Ale Loose Bunghole Boston Wort Processors
Category 17 - Sour Ale (19 entries)  
Nicholas Griner Ayer, MA 1st 17B Flanders Red Ale   TalkBeer Homebrew Club
Alastair Hewitt Wakefield, MA 2nd 17F Fruit Lambic Framboise 2 Brew Free or Die
Nicholas Griner Ayer, MA 3rd 17A Berliner Weisse   TalkBeer Homebrew Club
Category 18 - Begian Strong Ale (20 entries)  
Steve Schember Arlington, MA 1st 18C Belgian Tripel   Boston Wort Processors
Mike Boisvert Methuen, MA 2nd 18E Belgian Dark Strong Ale The Constant   
Steve Schember Arlington, MA 3rd 18D Belgian Golden Strong Ale   Boston Wort Processors
Derek Russell North Billerica, MA HM 18C Belgian Tripel Tripel Truth  
Category 19 - Strong Ale (6 entries)  
Eric  Esner Woburn, MA 1st 19C American Barleywine Rag Rock Barley Wine Boston Wort Processors
Brady Smith Indianapolis, IN 2nd 19C American Barleywine Space Wrangler  
Kevin George  Bradford, MA 3rd 19B English Barleywine Barley Wine IV  
Category 20 - Fruit Beer (7 entries)  
Jason Chang Avon, CT 1st 20A Fruit Beer Goseberry Killah  
Brian Hill Woodbridge, VA 2nd 20A Fruit Beer Blackberry Bread S.U.D.Z.
Brian Burke Watertown, MA 3rd 20A Fruit Beer Running Squirrel Blood Orange Hefeweizen Boston Wort Processors
Category 21 - Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer (17 entries)  
Robert Gillis Madison, NH 1st 21A Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Jalapeno Cream Ale Interstate Brewers Unlimited
Maryann Whitley with Mark Whitley Quincy, MA 2nd 21A Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer All the Sage  
Robert Palmer Jr Pine Valley, NY 3rd 21B Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer Patty Wacker  
Category 22 - Smoke Flavored and Wood Aged Beer (10 entries)  
Brian Burke Watertown, MA 1st 22C Wood-Aged Beer Oak Whiskey Barrel-aged stout w/ cacao & coffee Boston Wort Processors
Kevin George with Emmett George Bradford, MA 2nd 22A Classic Rauchbier Rauchbier  
Tim Thomssen Lincoln, NE 3rd 22C Wood-Aged Beer Alcoholocaust Lincoln Lagers!
Category 23 - Specialty Beer (22 entries)  
Rene Denis with Tim Davis Hope Mills, NC 1st 23A Specialty Beer Javaretto  
Andrew Starsiak Weymouth, MA 2nd 23A Specialty Beer Spin Cycle Fantastique Farmhouse IPA MASH HOLES
Alden Burgess Florence, MA 3rd 23A Specialty Beer Citra Session  
Category 24 - Traditional Mead (8 entries)  
John Golden Bedford, NH 1st 24C Sweet Mead Dude Sweet Brew Free or Die
Rodney Kibzey Portland, OR 2nd 24B Semi-sweet Mead Bee Mallow Oregon Brew Crew
Andrew Starsiak Weymouth, MA 3rd 24C Sweet Mead Meadowfoam MASH HOLES
Category 25 - Melomel (Fruit Mead) (6 entries)  
John Golden Bedford, NH 1st 25C Other Fruit Melomel Black ops Brew Free or Die
John Golden Bedford, NH 2nd 25C Other Fruit Melomel Baby Blue Brew Free or Die
Mark Williams with Amelia Williams Patchogue, NY 3rd 25A Cyser Apple-ly Ever After Chop & Brew
Category 26 - Other Mead (14 entries)  
Jason Phelps with Margot Phelps Londonderry, NH 1st 26C Open Category Mead Ancient Fire Best Bochet Brew Free or Die
Jennifer Pereira with Gabriel Rodriguez, Valeska Ruikin, Dan Romatowski, Mitchell Combes Somerset, MA 2nd 26B Braggot Smoky Bear JWU Brewing Team
Lyn Howard Durham, NH 3rd 26C Open Category Mead Mojito Mead Brew Free or Die
Jennifer Pereira with Gabriel Rodriguez, Valeska Ruikin, Dan Romatowski, Mitchell Combes Somerset, MA HM 26A Metheglin Rising Sun JWU Brewing Team
Category 27 - Standard Cider and Perry (7 entries)  
Paul Nanian Rumney, NH 1st 27D Common Perry Periffic Baker River Brew Club
Tom Auer Wakefield, RI 2nd 27A Common Cider Cider 2014 RIFT
John Golden Bedford, NH 3rd 27A Common Cider   Brew Free or Die
Category 28 - Specialty Cider and Perry (9 entries)  
Stephen Mayo Derry, NH 1st 28B Fruit Cider Pomegranate Cider Seacoast Homebrewers
Stephen Mayo Derry, NH 2nd 28B Fruit Cider Black Cherry Cider Seacoast Homebrewers
Stephen Mayo Derry, NH 3rd 28D Other Specialty Cider/Perry Fireball Cider Seacoast Homebrewers