2011 NERHBC Winners

6th Annual (2011) New England Regional Homebrew Competition Results

553 Total entries in this year's competition! Our largest ever!

  • 505 Beers entered
  • 28 Meads entered
  • 20 Ciders entered
Best Beer of Show Brewer of the Year Meadmaker of the Year Cidermaker of the Year

Brian and Christopher Sprague

Rob North

Lyn Howard

Joshua Persson

11A Mild

Manchester, NH

Durham, NH

Warwick, RI

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Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams

Moonlight Meadery

Woodchuck Cider

    Name Town     Category

Category Name

Place Name Co-brewer
    Rob North Manchester, NH     1E

Dortmunder Export

    Steven Landgren Webster, NY     1A

Lite American Lager

2 My Uncle's Beer  
    Martin Schofield Medway, MA     1D

Munich Helles

3 Lil' Hellion  
    PAUL ZOCCO Andover, CT     2B

Bohemian Pilsner

    Michael Switzer Newburyport, MA     2B

Bohemian Pilsner


    Todd Russell Manchester, NH     2C

Classic American Pilsner

3 Ambulance Chaser Rob North
    Michael Switzer Newburyport, MA     2B

Bohemian Pilsner

hm Refenestration  
    Rob North Manchester, NH     3A

Vienna Lager

    John Krochune N. Chelmsford, MA     3B


2 Mahzen  
    Michael Marino Burlington, MA     3B


3 Geburstag Marzen   
    Rob North Manchester, NH     4B

Munich Dunkel

    Nicholas Morin Ludlow, MA     4A

Dark American Lager

2 Robust American Lager  
    Todd Russell Manchester, NH     4C


3 Black Magick  
    George Cooley Sudbury, MA     5B

Traditional Bock

1 Traditional Bock M  
    Shekhar Nimkar Swampscott, MA     5C


2   Paula Nimkar
    Rob North Manchester, NH     5B

Traditional Bock

    Jason Croteau Canterbury, CT     6C


1 Klassic Kolsch Seth Croteau
    Patrick Quinlan Littleton, MA     6D

American Wheat or Rye

2 Last Ryde In  
    Robert Myers Lancaster, PA     6C


3 Northern Lights Andrew Myers
    Matt Menard East Taunton, MA     7B

California Common

1 California Common Steam Beer  
    John Abercrombie Weymouth, MA     7C

Dusseldorf Altbier

2 Crombie Alt  
    Jerry Henry Langdon, NH     7C

Dusseldorf Altbier

    joseph rezendes Stoneham, MA     7B

California Common

hm Conn's Common  
    Christopher Dynia Salem, MA     8C

Extra Special Bitter

1 ESB  
    Beverly Armstrong Watertown, MA     8A

Ordinary Bitter

2 English Ordinary Bitter  
    Mike Warren North Chelmsford,     8B

Best/Premium Bitter

    Randy Baril Cambridge, MA     9D

Irish Red Ale

1 Paddy's Irish Red Emily Gaewsky
    Jay Bradshaw Andover, MA     9E

Strong Scotch Ale

2 Ma Wee Maan  
    Todd Perkins North Andover, MA     9C

Scottish Export 80/-

3 Scotch Ale  
    Stephen Mayo Derry, NH     10A

American Pale Ale

    Andrew Schultz Wellesley, MA     10A

American Pale Ale

2 Purple Dot APA  
    Todd Perkins North Andover, MA     10C

American Brown Ale

3 American Brown  
    Brian Sprague Portland, ME     11A


1   Christopher Sprague
    Dana Bourque Stafford, CT     11A


2   Emily Bourque
    Ron Wood Manchester, NH     11A


3 English style Mild Ale none
    Ricky McLain Cabot, VT     12B

Robust Porter

1 Ricky's Robust Porter  
    Robert Myers Lancaster, PA     12B

Robust Porter

2 Red Cap   
    Ken2 Hettinger Yonkers, NY     12A

Brown Porter

3 London 2010  
    Chris Kollmann Roslindale, MA     13E

American Stout

    Nickie Smith Colorado Springs, C     13B

Sweet Stout

2 Thrust Into Darkness Joe Freund
    Jason Phelps Londonderry, NH     13D

Foreign Extra Stout

3 Margot's FX Stout Margot Phelps
    Greg Abbot Portland, ME     14B

American IPA

1 Fat Dotty Gregorio Abbotini
    Zack Kinney New York, NY     14B

American IPA

2 Avenue A IPA  
    Brad Anderson Reading, MA     14B

American IPA

3 Simarillo IPA  
    Michael Marino Burlington, MA     15A


    Eric McLaughlin Long Beach, CA     15B


    Alastair Hewitt Wakefield, MA     15C


    John Bonney Winslow, ME     16C


1 American Saison  
    Dan Preston Medford, MA     16E

Belgian Specialty Ale

2 BBB  
    Alastair Hewitt Wakefield, MA     16B

Belgian Pale Ale

3 Mystic Bitter  
    Tom Jermine Wallingford, CT     17F

Fruit Lambic

1 Kriek Jay Stamp
    John Golden Bedford, NH     17B

Flanders Red Ale

2 Sour Puss  
    Cory Hussey Rollinsford, NH     17D

Straight Lambic

3 Old Tart  
    Geoff Keating Portland, ME     18E

Belgian Dark Strong Ale

1 Golden Strong 540 Greg Abbot
    Steve Schember Arlington, MA     18A

Belgian Blonde Ale

    Dan Preston Medford, MA     18E

Belgian Dark Strong Ale

    Wayne Albert Milford, MA     19C

American Barleywine

    Nicholas Morin Ludlow, MA     19C

American Barleywine

2 Winey Moose Josh Gravel
    Hugh Bouchard Manchester, NH     19B

English Barleywine

3 Barleywine  
    Shekhar Nimkar Swampscott, MA     20A

Fruit Beer

1   Paula Nimkar
    Jim Prucha Londonderry, NH     20A

Fruit Beer

2 #154C  
    Dana Bourque Stafford, CT     20A

Fruit Beer

3   Emily Bourque
    Zack Kinney New York, NY     21A

Spice Herb or Vegetable Beer

1 Smoked Habanero Imperial IPA  
    Alex McDonald Portsmouth, NH     21A

Spice Herb or Vegetable Beer

2 Sled Dog Butch Heilshorn
    Dave Bucher Milford, NH     21A

Spice Herb or Vegetable Beer

3 Butternutkin  
    Rob North Manchester, NH     22A

Classic Rauchbier

    Nicholas Morin Ludlow, MA     22C

Wood-Aged Beer

2 Birch Aged Vienna Lager  
    Ed Ramshaw Concord, NH     22C

Wood-Aged Beer

3 Velvet Elevis Imperial Stout  
    Alastair Hewitt Wakefield, MA     23A

Specialty Beer

1 Alexander the Blessed  
    joseph rezendes Stoneham, MA     23A

Specialty Beer

2 Kein Geld Dampfbier  
    Heath Gelinas Vernon, CT     23A

Specialty Beer

3 Assault and Battery Black Rye IPA Batch #1 Jason Gelinas
    John Golden Bedford, NH     24C

Sweet Mead

1 Sweet  
    Lyn Howard Durham, NH     24C

Sweet Mead

2 Traditional Mead  
    Matt Rodrigues Cranston, RI     24A

Dry Mead

3 South County Mead  
    Lyn Howard Durham, NH     25B

Pyment (grape mead)

1 Pyment #1  
    Lisa North Manchester, NH     25B

Pyment (grape mead)

2 Lisa's Pyment Rob North
    PAUL ZOCCO Andover, CT     25B

Pyment (grape mead)

3 pyment  
    Jason Phelps Londonderry, NH     26A

Metheglin (spiced mead)

1 Ancient Fire Orange/Vanilla Mead Margot Phelps
    Jay Bradshaw Andover, MA     26A

Metheglin (spiced mead)

2 One Hot Honey  
    Lyn Howard Durham, NH     26B

Braggot (mead with malt)

3 Braggot #2  
    Joshua Persson Warwick, RI     27A

Common Cider

1 Original 2011  
    Jason Phelps Londonderry, NH     27A

Common Cider

2 Ancient Fire Sweet Farmhouse Cider Margot Phelps
    Andrew  Starsiak Weymouth, MA     27A

Common Cider

3 Penn's Hill Gill  
    Shekhar Nimkar Swampscott, MA     27A

Common Cider

HM   Paula Nimkar
    Joshua Persson Warwick, RI     28D

MacIntosh/Spaten- Fermented with Roselare yeast

    Lyn Howard Durham, NH     28D

Cider apples, aged in oak bourbon barrels

    Joshua Persson Warwick, RI     28D

MacIntosh/Spaten- Aged on oak chips

    John Abercrombie Weymouth, MA     28D

Contains a small amount of hops and of barley derived sugars