2008 NERHBC Winners

2008 Competition Results

290 Entries


Best of Show

Alastair Hewitt Wakefield,MA   13A Dry Stout 1
James Eshbaugh West Boylston,MA   3A Vienna Lager 2
James Eshbaugh West Boylston,MA   4C Schwarzbier 3

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of the Year 

Michael Robinson

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Michael Fairbrother

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Joshua Persson

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1. Light Lager (3 Entries)
Todd Russell Manchester,NH What the Helles 1
Keith Antul Worcester,MA Dortmunder Export 2
Eric Carpenter East Greenwich,RI Howland Helles 3

Sponsored by: Brewers Association
15. German Wheat and Rye Beer (6 Entries)
Timothy Phelps
Mike Eyre
Torrington,CT Roggenbier 1
Mike Eyre
Pete Warzycha
Barkhamsted,CT 'Scattered Showers' Dunkel 2
Jim Prucha Londonderry,NH Roggenbier 3

Sponsored by: DIY Brewing Company
2. Pilsner (3 Entries)
John Pitoniak westfield,ma Bohemian Pilsner 1
Andrew Starsiak Philadelphia,PA Little Blue Pils 2
Michael Robinson Nottingham,NH German Pilsner 3

Sponsored by: Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.
16. Belgian and French Ale (30 Entries)
David Forton Belchertown,MA Sour Mash Framboise 1
Michael Robinson Nottingham,NH Witbier 2
Dave Gagliarducci west springfield,ma Sneaky Saison 3
Rick Rocheleau Danielson,Ct Belgian Specialty HM

Sponsored by: North Western
3. European Amber Lager (7 Entries)
James Eshbaugh West Boylston,MA Vienna Lager 1
Richard Adams Somersworth,N.H. DJD'S oktoberfest 2
Lyn Howard Durham,NH Oktoberfest 3

Sponsored by: Country Malt Group
17. Sour Ale (5 Entries)
Paul Comerford Stoughton,MA Dirty Water Brews Swampscott Sour 1
Tony Molloy Mansfield,CT Berliner Weisse 2
Paul Comerford Stoughton,MA Dirty Water Brews Cherry Sour 3

Sponsored by: American Brewers Guild
4. Dark Lager (7 Entries)
James Eshbaugh West Boylston,MA Schwarzbier 1
David Rosenbaum Andover,MA Shayna's Dunkel 2
Rick Rocheleau Danielson,Ct Munich Dunkel 3

Sponsored by: Tully's Beer & Wine
18. Belgian Strong Ale (13 Entries)
Rich Loomis Burlington,CT Belgian Dark Strong Ale 1
James Eshbaugh West Boylston,MA Belgian Dark Strong Ale 2
Michael Robinson Nottingham,NH Belgian Dark Strong Ale 3

Sponsored by: Lost Abbey
5. Bock (7 Entries)
Michael Robinson Nottingham,NH Traditional Bock 1
Andrew Starsiak Philadelphia,PA My Bock 2
Paul Zocco Andover,CT helles bock 3

Sponsored by: MoreBeer!™
19. Strong Ale (7 Entries)
Michael Robinson Nottingham,NH English Barleywine 1
Michael Robinson Nottingham,NH American Barleywine 2
Lance Matot Broadbrook,Ct. English Barleywine 3

Sponsored by: Willy's Ale Room
6. Light Hybrid Beer (8 Entries)
Rob North Manchester,NH American Rye 1
Rick Rocheleau Danielson,Ct Koelsch 2
Eric Morse Center Sandwich,NH American Wheat Rye Ale 3

Sponsored by: Cargill Malt
20. Fruit Beer (9 Entries)
Michael Robinson Nottingham,NH Cherry Ale 1
Mark Baesl Baldwinsville,NY Fruit Beer 2
Jim Prucha Londonderry,NH Fruit Beer 3
Steve Schember Arlington,MA Fruit Beer HM

Sponsored by: Hobby Beverage Equipment Co
7. Amber Hybrid Beer (8 Entries)
Andrew Starsiak Philadelphia,PA California Common Beer 1
Christopher Tkach Charlestown,MA Dusseldorf Altbier 2
Michael Fairbrother Londonderry,NH Northern German Altbier 3

Sponsored by: Otter Creek Brewing Co.
21. Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer (9 Entries)
Mark Baesl Baldwinsville,NY Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer 1
Rob North Manchester,NH Robust Vanilla Porter 2
Edward Mathis Beecher,WI Yoda's Spruce Pale Ale 3

Sponsored by: Magic Hat Brewing Co.
8. English Pale Ale (10 Entries)
Ben Miller Rio Rancho,NM Bitter Bollocks 1
Michael Minervini Kennebunk,ME Mystery Hop Special 2
Douglas Griffin Virginia Beach,VA MC 'The Limp' ESB 3

Sponsored by: HopUnion & Tuckerman's Brewing Company
22. Smoke-Flavored and Wood-Aged Beer (9 Entries)
Michael Fairbrother
Todd Russell
Shawn Gosselin
Brian Rousseau
Bill Herlicka
Brian Parda
Joe Moore
David Rossenbaum
Billy Kannenburg
Londonderry,NH BFD Club Barley Wine 1
Jeffrey Fuller Middleborough,MA Smokey The Rauchbier 2
Ryan Whittier Sanford,ME Beta Brew 3

Sponsored by: Wyeast Laboratories, Inc.
9. Scottish and Irish Ale (10 Entries) 
Mickey Brown Middlebury,CT Ross Ale 1
Marc Beaudoin Raynham,MA Irish Red Ale 2
Alastair Hewitt Wakefield,MA Strong Scotch Ale 3
Rick Rocheleau Danielson,Ct Strong Scotch Ale HM

Sponsored by: Northern Brewer
23. Specialty Beer (7 Entries) 
Todd Russell Manchester,NH Portly Frankenstout 1
Dana Petersen Sanford,ME Dark and Danish - malt liquor 2
Harold Rothwell hopkinton,nh Blackberry Quinoa GF 3

Sponsored by: Allagash & Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
10. American Ale (26 Entries)
George Frame Bristol,NH Anne's WDC Pale Ale 1
Tony Molloy Mansfield,CT American Brown 2
Michael Robinson Nottingham,NH American Pale Ale 3
Christopher Tkach Charlestown,MA American Pale HM

Sponsored by: Coopers Home Brew Products
24. Traditional Mead (8 Entries)
Paul Zocco Andover,CT orange blossom honey mead 1
Michael Fairbrother Londonderry,NH Semi-sweet Mead 2
Michael Fairbrother Londonderry,NH Sweet Mead 3
Michael Fairbrother Londonderry,NH Sweet Mead HM

Sponsored by: Piscassic Pond Winery, LLC
11. English Brown Ale (5 entries)
Rick Rocheleau Danielson,Ct Mild 1
Earl Itrich San Diego,CA Sun Tan Brown 2
Scott Prive Nashua,NH Mild 3

Sponsored by: Five Star Chemicals
25. Melomel (Fruit Mead) (16 Entries)
Michael Fairbrother Londonderry,NH Pyment 2006 1
Bert Bingel Manchester,NH Other Fruit Melomel 2
Eric Sprague N. Berwick,ME Eric's Blend 3

Sponsored by: Piscassic Pond Winery, LLC
12. Porter (13 Entries)
Jeffrey Fuller Middleborough,MA Cossacks Shashka Baltic Porter 1
Tom Morgan Sanford,Maine 8 Ball Porter 2
Mike Kalette Stafford Springs,Ct. Wet Dog Porter 3

Sponsored by: Smuttynose Brewing Co.
26. Other Mead (9 Entries)
Michael Fairbrother Londonderry,NH Buck Cherry 1
Jonathan Jay Hudson,NH Braggot Rights 2
Paul Zocco Andover,CT sweet cyser with cinnamon 3
Jeffrey Spencer West Hartford,CT Oaked Multiberry Melomel HM

Sponsored by: Piscassic Pond Winery, LLC
13. Stout (18 Entries) 
Alastair Hewitt Wakefield,MA Dry Stout 1
Rick Rocheleau Danielson,Ct Foreign Extra Stout 2
Alastair Hewitt Wakefield,MA Sweet Stout 3
Edward Mathis Beecher,WI Stratford Organic Stout HM

Sponsored by: Polar Ware
27. Standard Cider and Perry (8 Entries) 
Joshua Persson Warwick,RI   27A Common Cider 1
Michael Fairbrother Londonderry,NH Cider 05 2
Nathan Williams Somerville,MA Common Cider 3
Lyn Howard Durham,NH Common Cider HM

Sponsored by: Crosby & Baker Ltd
14. India Pale Ale (17 Entries)
Ben Miller Rio Rancho,NM XXL Hop Goodness 1
Dave Gagliarducci west springfield,ma Triple 8 DIPA 2
Douglas Griffin Virginia Beach,VA MC Harvest IPA 3
George Frame Bristol,NH Beech Street IPA HM

Sponsored by: 21st Amendment
28. Specialty Cider and Perry (12 Entries)
Joshua Persson Warwick,RI Holiday cider 1
Dana Petersen Sanford,ME Old # 7 2
Michael Fairbrother
Brian Rousseau
Brian Parda
Shawn Gosselin
Londonderry,NH Bourbon Cider 06 3
Dana Petersen Sanford,ME Liquid Apple Pie HM

Sponsored by: Siebel Institute of Technology

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